R package simulo provides an easy interface for writing analyses into Simulo. It offers simple R functions to apply on your simulation output. In particular, it allows you to:

  • summarise your results: using prediction bands, boxplots, bar plots, etc.
  • plot your summaries using ggplot: plots can then be extended and annotated
  • compute PK metrics: AUC, Cmin/Ctrough, Cmax, Tmax
  • analyse full clinical trial simulations (CTS)

Visualisation and summarisation of results are then made simpler with this framework. Ultimately, it facilitates the process from running simulations to quantitatively informing internal and regulatory decisions.


This project does not include a license. This means that all work is under exclusive copyright. Nobody else can use, copy, distribute or modify this work.

The official copyright holder of this work is SGS Exprimo.

Contribution guidelines

Currently, the license does not allow to modify the code any further.


Download the FREE version here. Contact the Simulo team if you are interested in the EXPERT version.
The EXPERT version includes additional features: