Chapter 1 Introduction

Simulo is a user-friendly PK-PD-Disease model simulator.

It provides the ability to perform Monte Carlo simulations and to evaluate study designs and dosing strategies using public, published or custom-developed nonlinear mixed-effects models, in order to explore the impact of variables on outcomes.

1.1 Installation

  • Go to our website to download Simulo Free:
  • If you are an Expert user, download Simulo Expert from our private repository
  • Unzip the ZIP archive on your hard disk drive (e.g. C:/Simulo)

1.2 Get your license

1.2.1 Simulo Free activation

  • Start Simulo by running simulo.exe
  • Please read and accept the license agreement.
  • If it is your first time with Simulo, click on New User and fill in the form with your first name, last name, company name and email address. In case, you have already registered your email address as a Simulo user in the past, click on Existing User and type it in.
  • While waiting for activation, a pop-up window will be displayed. Keep Simulo open.
  • An email will arrive in your mailbox with a link to validate your new license.
  • Once the previous step is done, click on Retry.
  • A message should appear offering to download automatically your Simulo license.
  • Enjoy Simulo!

1.2.2 Simulo Expert activation

The steps to get your expert license are almost identical with the steps for Simulo Free. The only difference is that the Simulo team needs to activate your license.

  • The Waiting for activation dialog will look as follows:
  • If you are in contact with our team, keep this dialog open until we activate your license. Click then on Retry. Your license will be automatically downloaded.
  • Otherwise, close Simulo. Once you know your license has been activated, click on Existing User and fill in your email address. Your license will be automatically downloaded.
  • Enjoy Simulo!

1.3 Simulo Free vs Expert

The following bullets show the differences between Simulo Free and Simulo Expert:

Simulo Free

  • Suitable for small/exploratory projects
  • Single-core simulations
  • Compiled code included in Liveview ONLY
  • Fixed simulation settings
  • No access to R code / C code
  • No scenario’s
  • Comes with no warranty
  • Restricted access to Simulo library

Simulo Expert

  • Suitable for submission
  • Compiled code (3x to 15x faster on average, per core)
  • Multi-core simulations (e.g. if 8 cores, expert/free ratio = 8 * compiled code ratio)
  • Can be run on dedicated Simulo server
  • Full access to R code / C code
  • Scenarios comparison
  • Model summary
  • Software validation package included
  • Support from our team
  • Full access to Simulo library

1.4 Troubleshooting

In case your are experiencing the following error message and you are sure that your internet connexion is fine, there is probably an issue with your firewall. Simulo is therefore unable to contact the license server.

The first immediate solution is of course to check your firewall and to add an exception for Simulo.

The second solution is the use of the manual procedure as follows:

  1. Close and restart Simulo

  2. Select Manual license

  1. Select Generate license template
  1. Save the license template in any location
  1. A form will appear. Fill in properly.
  1. When clicking OK, your preferred email application will open. Just send the template email as is.
  1. Close Simulo and wait for our reply. We will handle your request and send you an email containing your license file.

1.5 Contact us

Do not hesitate to reach out to SGS Exprimo team to learn more about the services we offer around the Simulo software, including in-house training, support in the use of Simulo, support in implementation of protocols with extensive dose adjustments, fully outsourced simulation projects, custom-development of add-on features, …